Course Content

Auslan – Beginners

Learn to communicate with deaf and hard of hearing people in this fun and practical 1 day / 6 hour community based course.

Through games, activities, group and pair work you will develop the ability to sign in a range of social and workplace settings.

The full day Auslan – Beginners course is the perfect opportunity to begin your journey into learning Auslan and about the Deaf Community. Within a month you can also complete another full day course called Auslan – Intermediate.

All of our teachers are either Native Deaf or qualified Auslan teachers who currently also teach in schools, workplaces and in the community. We are all passionate about teaching Auslan and making sure you enjoy learning Auslan.

Once you have enrolled, and as part of the course, you will receive a course workbook emailed to you 2 days prior to the course commencing with pictures of every sign taught in the course, along with set sentences to practice signing with. You can download the file to a USB and bring your ipad / laptop to class.  You will also receive an emailed Certificate of Attendance with the course level and number of hours you have undertaken.

Below is an example of the 14+ categories of signs that we will teach you in Auslan – Beginners

  • Questions
  • Greetings
  • Pronouns
  • Deaf Related
  • Phrases
  • Instructions
  • Numbers
  • Money
  • Food and Drink
  • Family
  • Emotions
  • Community
  • Timelines
  • Colours
  • Animals
  • Transport
  • Social
  • States and Countries
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Auslan – Intermediate

The Auslan – Intermediate course continues on from Auslan – Beginners in building your vocabulary of signs.  Through new games and activities as well as pair and group work this course will enable you to be a more confident signer, to express yourself more visually and to expand your range of signing options in a social or workplace setting.

We will teach you over 200 signs in this course across 10+ categories along with over 40 set sentences to practice with as well as introduce to you the more technical grammar components that are an important part of signing Auslan correctly.

We will also teach you how to sign popular children’s books and also teach you how to sign songs.  These are a fantastic way to build upon your skills.

Below is a list of the 10+ categories of signs that we will teach you in Auslan – Intermediate:

  • People
  • Descriptions
  • General
  • Opposites
  • Time Related
  • Workplace
  • Education
  • Around the Home
  • Weather
  • Geography
  • Accommodation
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