Frequently Asked Questions

By the end of our Auslan – Beginners course you will be able to have a basic general conversation and be able to ask and answer questions. Auslan – Intermediate expands the number of signs you know and you will be able to communicate in a basic way in a range of social and workplace environments.  
To gain the most benefit from your learning we recommend practicing whenever possible for at least 5 to 10 minutes everyday. This helps you remember the signs and help you to sign more naturally. We provide you with a workbook with all the signs being taught with set sentences for you to practice with either by yourself or with a friend or work colleague.
The Auslan Company runs Auslan courses every school term.
The Auslan Company run classes Victoria wide and are now expanding to Australia wide. However, if you can not find a course suitable for you then you could purchase our Auslan Level 1 DVD which covers a similar content as the community courses. You can also download our Auslan App from your iTunes and android store by going to “learnauslan”.
All our teachers are Native Deaf or fully qualified deaf Auslan teachers and in rural areas we may use experience Auslan interpreters. We have many methods of visual communication tools while you are learning how to sign. These include: whiteboard, overhead projectors and our emailed or hardcopy workbook. It wont take long before you are able to communicate with your teacher using the signs you are learning.
Auslan can used by any person of any age. However, as this is an adult focused class we recommend that children under 10 years of age do not attend. If you have any queries regarding this please contact us.
We recommend continuing on with additional Auslan as soon as possible. This allows you to gain a better understanding of the language and retention of signs. If you skip a term of learning Auslan it may be hard to catch up as you may have forgotten some signs.
You will receive a Certificate of Attendance.  While we are a community based course where we make learning Auslan fun we are serious about you signing well otherwise you will not be understood by deaf people.
We provide information about deaf events you can attend in order to meet and communicate with deaf people. Meeting other deaf people where possible gives you an opportunity to sign to other deaf people apart from your course teacher plus deaf people will sign to you which hopefully you will understand!
We could say many great things about ourselves!!  However, we do pride ourselves on making our courses fun and practical with lots of pair and group activities to put into practice what has been taught to you. With a fantastic workbook with photos of each sign taught plus set sentences to practice with, great teachers to learn from and at a great price, The Auslan Company is simply the best 🙂
The Auslan Company provides community courses at the lowest price in Victoria.
Yes, The Auslan Company also provides Auslan in the Workplace and Deaf Awareness Training. For more information visit or email the office – for more information.
The Auslan Company can be contacted via email- or by phone- 0477 979 749.