Auslan USBs

Our Auslan USBs are perfect for whether you’re just starting out with Auslan or want to keep your skills fresh. We offer three USBs, each with a different audience in mind.

Auslan Level 1

Auslan Level 1 is for those unable to attend our community Auslan course whether through the location or time constraints or just want a convenient way to learn Auslan in the comfort of their own home. The USB has the exact same content as what we would teach in classes. There’s Auslan grammar information, over 300 signs, as well as 70 set sentences for you to practice with. On the USB is the 83-page workbook used in class.

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Auslan for Everyone

Auslan for Everyone is our Auslan expansion pack. Across 50 categories there are over 850 signs for you to build your Auslan vocabulary with. On the USB is a wordlist of all the signs for you to keep track of the ones you master.

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For more information about any of the USBs listed above, please visit the product page or contact us.