Auslan Level 1 USB

The Auslan Level 1 USB covers 18 category of signs and teaches over 300 Auslan signs along with 70 set sentences. You will also learn about Auslan grammar. This is based on The Auslan Company’s community Level 1 course and is designed for:

  • Students attending the community based Auslan courses
  • Individuals and families wanting to learn Auslan at home in their own time
  • For people in rural and remote Australia who are unable to access community courses
  • The USB contains voice, captions and Auslan signing.

Additionally, the USB contains:

Over 300 signs from the following categories;

  1. Questions, Alphabet (left and right hand) Numbers (including date, time, age and money) Money, Greetings, Common phrases, Instructions, Timelines, Family, Emotion, Food and drink, In the Community, Social activities, Transport, Animals, Colours, Australian states and some countries
  2. Information about Auslan grammar
  3. 3–5 sentences to practice at the end of most categories
  4. 15 sentences to respond to as a test at the end of the USB (end of week 6)

Included on the USB is the workbook we use in the classroom and contains;

  1. Grammar information (additional to what is on the USB)
  2. All the photos of each sign on the USB (each photo contain arrows showing the movement of the hands)
  3. Additional sentences at the end of each signing category to practice with.
  4. You can print from the USB and make your own hard copy if you prefer
  5. A list of all the signs (a full list of signs by week and an alphabetical list is included)

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